There you can find some photos from my educational stay in Poland... but original is much much better!
Rynek Glówny and Wavel (royal castle).


3 pics from Petrus and Paulus Temple * Boží tělo * Dominikanska street * dragon - symbol of Cracow


Manggha - center of japanese culture * Student "little town" * settlement church * Kopiec Kraka (with nice tale) * etc.


Vega - beautiful stylish vege. restaurant, no. 1 * Café Camelot * Sw. Gertruda street * Rondo Grundwaldzkie


Akademia Sztuk Pięknych w Krakowie


Jewish Cracow
New cementary in Jewish quarter called Kazimierz. It's gidled by wall made of fragments of authentic graves destroyed by Nazi during the World War II.


Kazimierz is great with its atmosphere, there are some synagogues, a lot of "klezmer" pubs and memories for World War II and its consequences.
Pub * old jewish shops * remains of ghetto wall * Oskara Schindler's factory (came from Svitavy), he saved 1200 Jews * his office


Plaszów - there were ghetto buildings and concentration camp. Germans demolished it before end of the war. Today there is a huge empty space near by center of town.


Christian Cracow
We were there when Jan Pavel II died... atmosphere was really paintful.



Ojców - national park
Half hour from last hypermarket there is a wonderful place called Ojcow.
"Dragon saddle" * brama krakovska * strange warped Jesus * Ojcow castle * etc...



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