Favourite web sites:
pohadky.org - fairy tales database with original, beautiful and cruel translations of brothers Grimm
linkdup.com - great flash sites database
idos.cz - I can't survive without this web site
samuelrecords.net - hearth business
limokid.sxehc.sk - next hearth business, great photos, great words...
japanesestreet.com - Tokio street fashion and my fascination with japanese design
csfd.cz - movie database

Bands /friends/ support :
Austin Lucas myspace profile
Landmine Spring myspace profile
The Mood myspace profile
Idiot Savant myspace profile
Flowers for Whores myspace profile
Who Ate My Skate? myspace profile

Million Dollar Hotel, 2000 - Wim Wenders
My Own Private Idaho, 1991 - Gus Van Sant
The Crow, 1994 - Alex Proyas
Gadjo Dilo, 1997 - Tony Gatlif
Caravaggio, 1986- Derek Jarman
The Young Ones, 1982 - Geoff Posner, Paul Jackson
Monthy Python's